Fuse Switch Disconnectors NL

  • High mechanical strength due to steel sheet base frame and a hinged lid out of aluminum casting alloy
  • High deformation and torsional rigidity by using in the base frame fixed screwed Epoxy Resin Socket Contact
  • With 8 microns silver plated, spring loaded contacts
  • High short circuit current
  • Shockproof even with the hinged lid open
  • Separate touch-proof contact protection for the upper and lower contacts, easily removable, thereby making the fixed contacts easily accessible. The electric arc extinguishing chambers are integrated in the upper electric shock protection. Further protection, in accordance with the German Trade Association Regulations (BGV), can be inserted in additional slots, top and bottom.
  • No losable screws
  • Fitted on the hinged lid is a ratchet with a pushbutton operation which prevents the device from accidentally opening. The ratchet snaps into place.
  • Large window on the hinged lid to view the fuse indicator and the fuse specification engraving.
  • Orange safety locks, lock the fuses after inserting. Inserting or removing the fuse cartridge requires slight force.
  • Large solid grip on the hinged lid enables secure gripping also when operating with gloves.
  • The maximum allowable size of the fuse cartridges is engraved on the hinged lid and is externally visible.
  • The auxiliary switch, right or left of the disconnector, can each be fitted with a maximum of 1 S and 1 NC, which is operated by the hinged lid.

NL 00

Fuse switch disconnectors NL 00


NL 1

Fuse switch disconnectors NL 1


NL 2

Fuse switch disconnectors NL 2


NL 3

Fuse switch disconnectors NL 3