Fuse Switch Disconnector and Switchgear Combinations

The EPOTECHNIK fuse switch disconnector is characterized by its robust and stable construction. The base frame and the swinging bracket are made from sheet steel, the contact base of torsion resistant epoxy resin, the fittings inside of high quality, heat resistant plastics and the lid out of a cast aluminum alloy with a ratchet thereby giving it resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses. In order to combat and make it more resistant to soiling a long creepage distance has been inserted.

Preferred applications are industrial plants and distributions with increased demands such seen in the Steel, Mining and Chemical Industries. Our fuse switch disconnectors are available in the NL, NLE and NLS versions.

Depending on your needs, the NL type are easy fuse switch disconnectors without fuse monitoring, the NLS types are fuse switch disconnectors with electromechanical fuse monitoring with a circuit breaker or the NLE type are fuse switch disconnectors with electronic fuse monitoring.

All information about our fuse switch disconnectors can be downloaded as a pdf file.