Steel encapsulated fuse switch disconnector BNL(E)A

The housing consists of at least 2mm sheet steel, and has a door with an opening angle of 180 °. For corrosion protection a powder coating in RAL7032 is applied internally and externally. Also available is a stainless steel with a brushed or sandblasted surface. The IP protection is IP 65, whereby the device can be used outdoors. The door is provided from size 1 with a bar lock and automatically locks when closed. The door can be unlocked on the ratchet handle with a cross bit key or inner square key. The fuse switch disconnectors in sizes 00 to 3, with or without electronic fuse monitoring is operated from the outside via a ball lever.

To monitor the full closed position of the fuse switch disconnector there is a light indicator integrated in the door. The operation lever on the right side of the housing is lockable with four padlocks in the "Off" position. A viewing window on the door of the housing is for the visibility of the isolating distance and for the visual malfunction LED indicator, with a closed door. The inlet and outlet wires are inserted through the removable base plate.

The base plate can optionally be equipped with Metric cable locks and / or Hupperich cable locks. For sizes 1 to 3, the upper connecting contact of the fuse switch disconnectors are guided with copper busbars into the lower connection space. The disconnectors for two circuits are equipped with two fuse switch disconnectors. Each has a lateral ball lever for external operation, which are mechanically interlocked that only 1 fuse switch disconnectors can be operated. Through a joint locking device the levers can be locked with four padlocks in the "Off" position.